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File Transfer System

You can upload your files any Cloud Storage or FTP

Sending us your files is easy and convenient. We provide a seamless file transfer experience to ensure that you can share your valuable data securely. Choose from a variety of popular file transfer methods, including:

  • Dropbox: Utilize Dropbox's user-friendly interface for effortless file sharing and collaboration.
  • WeTransfer: Send large files with ease using WeTransfer's simple and efficient platform.
  • Google Drive: Effortlessly collaborate with Google Drive's powerful document management features.
  • OneDrive: Leverage OneDrive's cloud storage for secure and accessible file sharing.
  • Mega: Securely store and share files with Mega's end-to-end encrypted cloud storage.
  • FileZilla: Efficiently transfer files with FileZilla's open-source FTP solution.

If you prefer traditional methods, we also support File Transfer Protocol (FTP), a reliable standard for direct and secure file transfers.Send us your files using the method that suits you best, and we'll ensure a smooth and secure transfer process.